ANTS Satellite Monitoring of Your Freight Containers

U-ANTS up-link

- Tracks containers through GPS satellite up-link from inside warehouses or in stacks of containers.

- Uses sensor probe inside container to detect intrusion, stowaways or movement.

- Detects transport or movement of container.

- Time stamps all events for display on internet.

- Uses Globalstar network of 48 satellites with coverage worldwide.


ANTS tags talk to each other to relay data out of warehouses, in stacks of containers or around other obstacles to find the satellite up-link device U-ANTS . The data is transmitted to satellites and forwarded to the internet for authorized users to locate, verify security, or time its delivery to destinations. In large container yards U-ANTS are located every few hundred yards. U-ANTS are totally self-contained with solar panel and battery.

ANTS container tag