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Reusable Tagging

White Paper describes a concept for securing ocean containers with a reusable security tag. The reusable tagging of containers allows more effective monitoring for security and the worldwide location of containers using Low Earth Orbit satellites. Reusable tagging, offered by carriers to shipping customers on a one time rental basis, provides low cost complete security and location information for the containers. The information is continuously available from the satellites by way of a restricted Internet site, providing information of door openings, stowaways, container transport, temperature and nuclear radiation (optional). Rental cost is expected to be only a few percent added to the usual shipping cost for international transport of containers. Benefits include immediate implementation using existing satellites and present Internet data networks and almost immediate ROI’s to carriers renting the reusable tags. Data could be made available to customs officers worldwide and to logistics personel and carriers involved for a more rapid handling of tagged containers. “Green-Lane” customs handling appeal is greatest for Retail Merchandising Organizations wishing to not have their shipments slowed in the increasing need for more security in international container shipping.

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Power Point Presentation shows currently developed ANTSconcept and devices and their utilization for tagging ocean containers. Simplicity of concept for ANTStagging is a main feature. No major expenditures or international port authority cooperation is necessary for implementation. Presentation shows how tags are attached and the flow of data through the existing satellite network and the Internet connection. Also shown is the unique capability of ANTSto convey its data outside of warehouses or from within the “canyons” of stacks of containers otherwise preventing satellite up-link signals from going directly to the satellites.

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